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Soft ride for hard roads

Us Kiwis love the outdoors. But let’s face it, sometimes the best places can only be reached by the worst roads. From rutted highways to rough metal tracks and bumpy farm races, Kiwis take their trailers everywhere. And whether there’s precious cargo like livestock or beehives on board, or a furniture trailer carrying fragile loads riding behind, the softness of the ride is critical.

That’s why Trailparts has introduced the award-winning Timbren trailer suspension. Timbren uses tough-walled Aeon(™) rubber springs that deliver air-bag-like ride quality without the complexity of electrics and compressors. Plus they reduce failure of other components from shock loading when running empty.


Quiet and smooth towing whether full or empty

With Timbren trailer suspension, empty trailer squawking, clanking and banging sounds are silenced. When laden, precise rebound control enhances stability. Rough and uneven towing becomes a thing of the past. Timbren rubber suspensions deliver extraordinary ride quality and reliability that other rubber torsion and spring suspensions simply cannot.


Go axle-less for maximum clearance with low decks

Timbren’s axle-less independent suspension offers the freedom to go places without the usual clearance restrictions of a traditional beam axle - a big advantage for off road users. Or increase safety at highway speeds by lowering the trailer centre of gravity, positioning the trailer deck as low as you need it to be between the chassis.

Silent-Ride equalising suspension for ultimate off-road capability

When conditions are out of the ordinary, an extraordinary solution is required. Timbren’s fully equalising tandem suspension is the best you can specify for harsh road conditions. The rugged design means they can endure the roughest terrain without ever compromising on ride quality.

Affordable soft-riding suspension

Silent-Ride non-equalising suspensions offer all the benefits of the Aeon(™) rubber springs, but at a cost that is comparable with torsion rubber suspensions. Say goodbye to trailer suspensions that are either too stiff when empty, or too soggy when laden, with this affordable and easy-to-fit option. 

Timbren suspension features:

•  Progressive jounce spring

•  Rebound spring for constant tension

•  Easy bolt-on installation

•  Urethane bushings for long life and quiet operation

•  Limited lifetime warranty


Timbren trailer suspension: only from Trailparts

Trailparts is the only supplier in New Zealand to offer the unique advantages of Timbren trailer suspension. Find out how your business could benefit from specifying innovative Timbren suspension - get in touch with us today or order now.





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