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U-Bolts Size Chart


Part No Profile Diameter Inside Width Inside Length
S3433 Square M12 51mm 83mm
S3434 Square M12 51mm 88mm
S3435 Square M12 51mm 103mm
S3436 Square M12 51mm 113mm
S3437 Square M12 51mm 123mm
S3438 Square M12 51mm 133mm
S3439 Square M12 51mm 148mm
S3440 Square M12 51mm 168mm
S3442 Round M12 51mm 103mm
S3443 Round M12 51mm 113mm
S3444 Round M12 51mm 123mm
S3446 Square M12 65mm 118mm
S3447 Square M12 65mm 185mm
S3450 Square M12 78mm 103mm
S3451 Square M12 78mm 73mm
R4000 Square M10 41mm 103mm
R4005 Square M10 41mm 113mm

All measurements given are approximates and may vary. Trailequip accepts no liability for work conducted based on the dimensions above.