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Trailparts Switch-Ezy Hyd. Brake Controller Kit, 12-24V

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The patented* Trailparts SE Brake Control system makes it possible for any suitable tow vehicle** to tow a trailer fitted with an SE module, and the key word here is ANY.

The Trailparts™ SE Brake Controllers will;
• Avoid ALL of the costly hard-wiring normally associated with in-cab brake controllers. No direct power feed is required from the tow vehicle’s battery to the controller or on trailer module.

• Allow towing of SE equipped trailers with electric drum brakes.

• Give the ability to switch the in-cab portion of the controller between tow vehicles. It’s fast and easy to legally tow TB class trailers (between 2501kg and 3500kg) with any suitable vehicle.

• Allow towing to occur with ANY 12v or 24v vehicle without costly reducers being required in the electrical system, and also eliminates over-voltage damage commonly inflicted on braking systems of this type. The entire Trailparts™ SE brake control system is multi-voltage capable.

• Eliminate ANY difficulty or interference associated with vehicle wiring systems, such as CANbus and Fibre Optics, that are becoming more and more challenging to work with when equipping tow vehicles to be able to tow TB class trailers over 2500kg.

• Operate through ANY standard trailer electrical plug, whether 7 pin flat, 7 pin round, or 12 pin flat – all are capable of operating these controllers.

• Deliver braking when travelling in reverse.


*Innovation Patent Granted NZ, Innovation Patent Granted AU. **Any tow vehicle with an operational standard power socket that can deliver up to 5 amps on the tail-light circuit.
***Sens-a-brake™ and Hydrastar XL™ actuators are not suitable for use with Trailparts™ SE controllers.


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