Twin pot hydraulic caliper, dacromet, including pads

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The Trailparts™ Patriot brake series is designed to lift trailer brake performance to acceptable levels, and are the first NZ designed high performance caliper/vented rotor trailer brakes that give the stopping AND cooling ability that NZ’s roads demand, and retain the ability to easily retrofit to common existing axles.

The Patriot series are true performance trailer brakes, and define what a trailer brake should be. They include significant advantages in every desirable area - brake pad size; piston area; rigidity; the ventilated rotor; easy servicing features; market compatibility – delivering the total trailer brake package without compromising crucial space constraints and fit tolerances, and ensuring the switch to performance oriented solutions is simple.

Description Part # Qty
Caliper guide pin/bush kit suits one caliper B3668K 2
Caliper seal/boot kit suits one caliper B3681K 2
Brake Pads (pair) suits one caliper B3690 2
43mm s/steel piston suits one caliper B3680 2
Stainless steel bleed screw, 3/8" suits one caliper B3670 2


Bigger Pads image

Bigger Pads

High Performance Calipers, with 55% more pad area; 80% more piston on pad area; stainless steel pistons; stainless guide pins; high quality dacromet finish; 30% more rigidity....

Easy Maintenance image

Easy Maintenance

Easy and Low Cost Servicing - undo one bolt for caliper servicing; thicker rotors and larger pads give extended service intervals.

Stainless Pistons / Pins image

Stainless Pistons / Pins

Only high quality parts are specified, such as 316 grade stainless pistons and 304 grade stainless steel guide pins, to ensure long service life.

Vented Rotors image

Vented Rotors

Ventilated Rotors, with up to 7% more diameter; 26mm thickness – more wear; 85% more cooling area....