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Duratorques are most commonly used in applications where a low ride height is required. Rubber cords are housed in a box section which a centralized shaft turns against to provide the suspension. With the exception of the rubber cords and stub axle, all the other components are either zinc plated or galvanized. Duratorques are self-contained and therefore when mounted on a trailer act independently of each other.
Both disc braked and non-braked hubs are able to be fitted to Duratorques. From July 2011, the 1000kg and 1500kg models were fitted with a removable stub. The 2200kg model does not have this feature. When mounted on a trailer, Duratorques should have the suspension arm  trailing. Because they are an independant suspension and can be subject to higher point loading, when used in tandem or tri-axle set up, the maximum load capacity must be reduced by 25%. For example, 2pr of 2200kg Duratorques will have a maximum load rating of 3300kg. Likewise, the maximum distance between the tyres should not exceed 150mm, and be kept to a minimum. A distance of no less than 120mm should be kept between the top of the tyres and the mudguards when they are new and have no load applied.

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