LED lamp kit 160 x 80 mm 8m cables incl plug and holder

Item code: L1200MKCBL

$305.82 pkt excl. GST

Trailparts™ Premium LED lamps are designed to be an easy to fit trailer lighting solution that can be fitted in a range of orientations. Box trailers need lamps to fit in a horizontal orientation and shine the number plate across the trailer, from the narrow side of the lamp, whilst boat trailers need a number plate lamp that shines out of the wide side of the lamp downwards. In an innovative solution, the Trailparts™ lamps have number plate lamps fitted to one short and one long side of the right hand lamp, with the user simply connecting whichever of the two number plate function wires that suits their application best. The fact that they look good, have cable length options, are submersible, and E-marked makes them a first choice for many trailer builders.

  • Compact Size - 160L x 80W x 30D (mm)
  • Strong impact resistant polycarbonate lens
  • Inbuilt retro-reflector
  • 10-30v capable
  • E-mark (E4) certified
  • 100% Submersible
  • Left Hand lamp has 8m 4-core cable.
  • Right Hand lamp has 2 number plate lamps, 8m 6-core cable
  • Retail pack includes 1 x L/Hand, 1 x R/Hand lights, 7 pin plug and plug holder
  • Two number plate lamp orientation options

The below wiring details applies to Trailparts lights only.

Note for Installation:

When installing the taillights, keep the wire protruding from the rear of the taillight straight. When bent at a 90° angle the grommet seal can be compromised allowing water to ingress during submersion. If you require bending near the grommet Trailparts recommend applying an extra layer of silicon to protect the seal.

Left hand side

Wire Colour Function
Red Stop lamp
Brown Tail lamp
Yellow Indicator
White Earth

Right hand side

Wire Colour Function
Red Stop lamp
Brown Tail lamp
Green Indicator
White Earth
Black Number plate lamp - long side
Blue Number plate lamp - short side