Forklift Safety Light Warning Spot - Blue Beam 8°

Item code: TXL9558LB

$160.75 ea excl. GST

Forklift Safety Lights

The Blue Bean Forklift warning LED is an innovative driving path warning system for industrial use, which ensures greater safety in aisles and especially in confusing crossing areas. This light outputs a blue warning spot ideally installed on the rear of the forklift for reversing. The beam can be adjusted depending on the mount position.

Many safety-conscious operations install both types of lights (Line and Spot) on their forklifts for pedestrian safety. Help prevent employee injuries with vehicle safety lights that illuminate a bright light (blue or red) on the floor to warn employees approaching the forklift. Help improve pedestrian safety by showing a safe distance to keep away from the forklift to prevent them from having their feet crushed or hit by a rear-end swing.

Voltage 10-110v
Power 10W - 2 x 5W Cree LED's
Output 840 Raw lumens
Current 0.83A @ 12v; 0.42A @ 24v
Beam Colour Blue
IP Rating IP67
Mount Single bolt, M8
Lens Polycarbonate
Operating Temp -40° - 80° C
Light Colour 6000k
Body Diecast Aluminium
Bracket Painted steel