Autofit Hydraulic Override - 3/4" M.Cyl

Item code: C15HF

$591.80 ea excl. GST

Autofit® hydraulic braked couplings continue the benefits associated with this range. With the Premium Back-frame option shown, overall height is lowered significantly, a plastic molded handle reducing the possibility of expensive tailgate repairs and trailer damage. 2500kg rated.

Autofit TM coupling by Trailparts™ also boast a number of entirely unique features, including:

  • The lowest profile cast coupling available in NZ both when in use and when released.
  • The ability to adjust to fit both towball sizes available in NZ when sat on towball.
  • An automatic locking function to secure the coupling into the correct towball setting required.
  • AutoBack Options Available


Plastic Mould Handle image

Plastic Mould Handle

Trailparts plastic handle moulds add comfort and grip when using the coupling.

Quick Release Flipper Spring image

Quick Release Flipper Spring

We’ve come up with this ingenious hack to ensure you never get burnt out brakes again. If the park brake is left engaged, the flipper spring will ensure it is released at the first brake actuation – usually as the trailer leaves the yard just a few metres away. Suits Trailparts Backframes with folding handles.

Self adjusting – Convenient image

Self adjusting – Convenient

Self adjusts to fit both 50mm & 1 7/8” towball sizes available in NZ - no operator input required.

Self locking – Safe image

Self locking – Safe

Will always positively lock into the correct towball setting required - automatically.

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