Autofit Trailer Coupling
Autofit 3D render

Autofit both NZ towball sizes without a hitch

Autofit couplings by Trailparts™ have been designed to provide end users with easiest and safest customer experience possible. To achieve this, Trailparts™ Autofit couplings are:

  • Corrosive resistant Dacromet coated for long life.
  • Fitted with stainless steel moving parts to prevent wear and rusting.
  • 2500kg or 3500kg load rated.
  • Safe, simple and easy to use.

Autofit coupling handle

Plastic Mould Handle

Trailparts™ plastic handle moulds add comfort and grip when using the coupling. The lowest profile cast coupling available in NZ both when in use and when released.

Autofit Coupling Self Adjusting

Self Adjusting

The ability to adjust to fit both towball sizes available in NZ when sat on towball. Self adjusts to fit both 50mm & 1 7/8” towball sizes available in NZ - no operator input required.

Autofit Coupling Self Locking

Self Locking

An automatic locking function to safely secure the coupling into the correct towball setting required.