Code Suits Length ID (mm) OD (mm)
S3682 Eye/Slipper Rocker Arm (Pr) 37mm 20.5mm+ 25mm
S3425 Trailparts 50mm wide springs & Eye/Eye Rocker Arm and 525/610/700mm springs 50mm or 5/8″ 22.3mm or 7/8″
S3426 770mm Parabolic Springs 45mm 13mm or 1/2″ 19.2mm or 3/4″
S3427 765mm Eye/Slipper Springs 45mm 13mm or 1/2″ 22.3mm or 7/8″
S3428 600mm Eye/Slipper Springs 45mm 14.8mm or 9/16″ 17.7 mm or 11/16″

All measurements given are approximates and may vary. Trailparts accepts no liability for work conducted based on the dimensions above.