Introducing: Credo Core

As the name suggests the Credo Core is the tried and proven Credo 3500kg electric brake controller distilled down to the core functionality for electric only brake systems. Ideal braking solution for caravans and camper trailers with integrated auxiliary power supplies.

The Credo Core represents the next evolutionary stage of the Credo Brake controller. True to its heritage, this controller harnesses the fundamental essence of the Credo brake controller. Dedicated to operating electric drum brakes, The Credo Core has been refined to be a cost effective solution for trailers with 1 to 3 electric braked axles. Although some features of the predecessor has been removed the multi-power sourcing architecture makes it an effective solution in a range of applications and configurations.

The Credo Core does not include several of the parts and components to make the Credo so versatile and the difference can be seen in the following table.

Credo Credo - Core Feature Benefits
Load Resistor None Prevents bulb fault detection triggering on tow vehicle.
Battery Charger None Allows for running higher load braking systems like EOH Pumps.
Single Power Source Multiple Power Sources Multiple power sources, provides for more installation options and failover.
Taillight Output Switching None Brake lights on for a breakaway, prevents taillight flashing on some vehicles, output short protection.
Integrated Breakaway Circuit None Automates powering on the EOH pump onto the battery.
Aux Power Output Isolator None Prevents pumps and other equipment draining the trailer battery.
True 12v / 24v Operation Partial Because the traditional Credo charges the breakaway battery with a buck / boost charger, both 12 & 24v vehicles can be connected without damaging trailer electrics. Credo Core will operate at 24v but does not protect other electrical components on the trailer.

Multi Power Source

To operate safely the Credo Core has a new multi power source architecture that allows power to be sourced from multiple sources simultaneously to power the brakes. This means that the Credo Core can operate up to 3 axles of electric drum brakes with ease when enough power is available. The power capability of each input is in the table below.

Input Current Capacity
Taillights 8A Not required of there is sufficient Aux power available.
Brake Lights 8A Also triggers the brake cycle.
Aux 1 12A Normally paired with Aux 2
Aux 2 12A Normally paired with Aux 1