Credo vs. Credo Core

Regulations in New Zealand have long required trailers 2500kg to 3500kg to have brakes that can be controlled adjusted and controlled from the driver’s seat. To comply with regulations while retaining convenience, Trailparts developed Credo™, an innovative wireless brake control solution that removed the need for towing vehicles to have expensive brake controllers hard-wired into them while allowing multiple tow vehicles on Credo-equipped trailers.

In early 2019 the New Zealand Transport Agency significantly shifted the regulations governing braking systems for trailers with GVM <3500kg. NZTA granted approval for trailers equipped with over-ride brake systems compliant with UN/ECE R13 standards to operate legally within the country. While these systems have significant downsides in on-road braking characteristics, they are a lower-cost way to compliant towing.

Now, Trailparts has introduced Credo™ Core: the next generation of the original. In this article, we explain the differences between Credo™ and Credo™ Core and explore the benefits and nuances of each variant.

Credo: Innovative & Effective Electric Brake Control Technology

The industry-leading and most versatile brake unit in the Australasian market, Credo is designed for and on behalf of hire companies as a multi-vehicle towing solution. Features of Credo™ brake controllers are:

  • Compatible with electric and electric/hydraulic braking systems.
  • Quick and simple to install: no expensive fixed in-vehicle wiring required.
  • Multi-voltage capable: Fully compatible with 12v and 24v vehicles.
  • Have commercial grade encoded wireless technology, guaranteeing consistent performance.
  • Eliminates over-voltage damage, commonly inflicted on similar braking systems.
  • Convenient in-cab remote for simple and intuitive operation, less user error and allows for on-the-move adjustments and system troubleshooting.
  • Ability to switch the in-cab portion of the controller between towing vehicles.
  • Multi-vehicle benefits: versatility in multi-vehicle fleets.
  • Allows towing of trailers up to 3500kg in New Zealand or to 4500kg in Australia.
  • Technology to eliminate fault warnings caused by trailer LED lights.
  • Integrated brakeaway battery and charger along with charge monitoring.

Credo Core: Streamlined Innovation & Refined Functionality

Credo Core really is a streamlined cost-effective brake solution that has been optimised specifically for electric drum-only brake systems. While some features of the Credo system have been removed, Credo™ Core retains the key useability features of Credo:

  • Works with electric drum brakes on trailers with up to 3 axles.
  • Retains the wireless remote design with encoded link.
  • Has a universal vehicle connection, only requires standard trailer plug wiring and no fixed in-vehicle wiring is required.
  • Brake output fault detection: convenient status feedback of faults, settings and brakes through remote control LED indicator
  • Utilizes multiple power source architecture and draws power from tail, brake lights and auxiliary sources simultaneously.

Versatility vs. Specialization:

One of the key differences between the two Credo™ systems is the level of versatility: Credo is designed to accommodate a wide range of brake configurations and is compatible with hydraulic and electric braking systems.

Credo Core is specialized for electric brake systems. By excluding components tailored for other brake types, it streamlines the control system and makes it a more cost-effective, application-specific solution.

The Key to Credo™ Core? Multi-Power Source Architecture

A groundbreaking feature of the Credo Core is its multi-power source architecture. This allows the Credo Core to draw power from multiple sources simultaneously, enhancing its operational capacity. When sufficient power is available, the Credo Core can effectively manage 1-3 axles of electric drum brakes.

Choosing between the Credo and Credo Core braking system controls depends on your specific towing and braking requirements. Both systems showcase Trailparts’ commitment to innovation, precision, safety, and ease of use for your towing needs whether you’re a hire company or an individual looking for reliable brake control technology.