Drum brake applications

Trailer brakes are an integral component to ensuring safety and control when towing. While there are many types of trailer brakes, today we are looking at the tried and trusted electric drum brake. Designed to offer smooth braking and reliability, electric drum brakes are particularly well-suited for a variety of applications, making them a popular choice among owners of horse floats, car transporters, toy haulers, and lot more general users. In this article we will delve into the benefits of electric drum brakes and explore the applications where they excel.

The Basics of Electric Drum Brakes:

Before delving into their applications, it is important to understand the basics of drum brakes. First used in automobiles in 1900 and patented by Renault 2 years later they have evolved over the years to the drum we know today. That is where it all started and electric drums are widely used around the globe today.

Electric drum brakes come in two size variations, 10” and 12”, the latter in a 6-stud configuration and the former a 5-stud configuration. Consisting of a drum and a backplate which houses the pads and electric magnets, the brake shoes are activated by the electric current sent from a braking module. For 2500kg trailers, this is mounted on the trailer and for 3500kg trailer in the control vehicle. The drum housing encases the brake shoes, and these are activated by an electromagnet. When power from the brake control module is applied, the brake shoes press against the horizontal interior of the drum, creating friction and generating braking force. This design allows for controlled and gradual braking, enhancing safety and stability.

Applications of Electric Drum Brakes:

  1. Horse Floats: Horse enthusiasts understand the importance of safe transportation for their delicate cargo. Electric drum brakes offer a gentle and controlled braking experience, which is crucial when towing horse floats. The gradual braking reduces the risk of sudden jolts that might distress the horses.
  2. Transporters: Transporting anything, but especially vehicles, requires a reliable braking system. Electric drum brakes provide consistent braking output, ensuring safer towing. The gradual braking action prevents loads from shifting abruptly during braking, reducing the risk of damage.
  3. Caravans/Toy haulers: In NZ & Australia electric drum brakes are the go-to for caravanners & weekend warriors towing Toy haulers. They have been tried and tested and that is why they stand out. From the rough outback's of Australia to the smooth hot mix of an Auckland motorway their simplicity of drum brakes never ceases to amaze. Reliable, durable, and easy to adjust (only requires a screwdriver) They provide peace of mind for caravan communities.
  4. Utility Trailers: Often used on wood chippers, lighting towers and other construction related machinery, their low profile allows them to be tucked into the back of the rim out of harm's way.
  5. Race car trailers: Again, the drums low profile and minimum offset allows the users to have the widest floor area possible inside their trailers. Being tucked into the rim the user can utilize the most space possible inside their trailers.

Advantages of Electric Drum Brakes:

  1. Smooth Braking: Electric drum brakes provide gradual and smooth braking, which is essential when towing delicate cargo or livestock. This feature reduces the risk of sudden stops and jerky movements.
  2. Reliability: These brakes are known for their durability and consistent performance over time. This reliability is especially important for long journeys or heavy loads.
  3. Safety: The controlled braking action reduces the risk of skidding and jackknifing, enhancing overall safety on the road.

In conclusion, electric drum brakes have found their niche in various applications, especially in situations where smooth braking, reliability, and safety are paramount. From horse floats to toy haulers, these brakes offer a practical solution for a wide range of trailer applications. When coupled with a Trailparts brake control system the user can experience the smooth gradual braking and consistent performance that makes journeys safer and brings the towing dream alive.