Hydraulic Tipper kit - Cylinder Dimension

tipper ram
  • Displacement cylinder
  • Specifically designed for under-body work
  • Hardened chromed tubes
  • Steel stop faces
  • Serviceable design
  • 160 bar (2300psi) operating pressure
  • Polyurethane high pressure seals
  • Wiper-scraper seals
hydraulic tipper dimensions
Hydraulic ram dimensions

Hydraulic Cylinder Foot Mount / Bracket

foot mount
foot mount diamension

Hydraulic Tipper Angle (Degrees)


Never allow cylinder to reach end of stroke,
or touch the body in rest position.
Warranty void if either occurs.

It is not recommended to mount the closest pivot point less than 50% of tipping length (Front of body to hinge).
Allow 20mm extension on fitment.

DP = Pivot distance in mm
RM = Cylinder reference

tipper angle table

Tipper Powerpack - Wiring Diagram

hydraulic power pack