Technical Illustrations & 3D CAD downloads

Here at Trailparts™ we do what we can to best support New Zealand's local engineering and trailer building industry. Check our full database for technical illustrations of our range of trailer components. Simply sign in to your trade account and access FREE 2D product illustrations and simplified 3D CAD models. This is a great tool for those designing custom trailer builds for customers. Plan your trailer will confidence.

If you require drawings that are not currently available on this database please contact our customer service team on 0800 487 245 and we will promptly add them. You can also find individual links to drawings on product page.

Part Code 3D Link 2D Link
B3605 STP File
BSC_Plate PDF File
C2000-15A STP File PDF File
C2790 STP File
H4215 STP File
HU4422 STP File
HU46A STP File
S3475T75G STP File PDF File
S3482G STP File PDF File
V-pin Jockey Wheel - Mount PDF File