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An Introduction to Trailparts™ Braking Systems & Parts

It is important to consider what trailer braking system you require for your build. Trailparts have a full range or trailer braking systems both Indirect and Direct depending on your requirements / application.

Indirect Systems

Indirect service brakes are those that operate without input directly from the driver of the tow vehicle. They are usually inertia-activated systems and this is the most commonly used system under 2500 kg. Systems that comply with ECER13 up to 3500kg (Hygo mkII) are an indirect system also.

Direct Systems

Direct service brakes are those that operate as a direct result of braking input from the driver of the tow vehicle. They are load-adjustable and incorporate an emergency override function which operates the trailer brakes independently of the tow vehicle from the driver’s seat. See our Credo Wireless Brake Controller for a direct braking system with no in-cab wiring.

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Credo, Trailparts™ Electric Brake Control System

braided hydraulic hose

The Credo brake controller boasts a number of innovative features, making it the most versatile brake control solution on the Australasian market.

The Credo™ brake control system was designed with ease of use in mind, and around the idea that any tow vehicle could be coupled to a Credo™ equipped trailer. Benefits of fitting a Credo™ system are significant, including;

  • Fully compatible with 12v and 24v vehicles
  • Easy to use touch screen for simple and intuitive operation, on-the-move adjustments and system troubleshooting
  • Compatible with electric and electric/hydraulic braking systems

Recommended Trailer Braking Systems for up to 2500kg

Most trailer brake systems for trailers under 2500kg do not require costly brake system setups. Browse our trailer mounted control systems and breakaway kits suited to your trailer build.

Drum Brake Backplates

3500kg Credo Trailer Brake System

The Trailparts™ Credo wireless brake control system comes in a range of options to best suit your trailer brake requirement for trailers up to 3500kg. The3 Credo is available in a straight Electric Brake setup suited to electric drum brakes and an Electric Over Hydraulic Setup for trailers with hydraulic disc or hydraulic drum plates.

An in-cab wireless controller allows you to adjust the braking power for your trailer and with no in-cab wiring, this system can be used by multiple tow vehicles.

Patriot Vented Disc Brakes

3500kg Hygo mkII Hydraulic Override System

The Trailparts Hygo Mk II Kit includes everything you need to equip trailers up to 3500kg with a fully compliant, high performance brake system. It’s a plug-and-play system that’s fast and easy to fit, and offers several advantages over EU and NZ alternatives. With options using both hydraulic drum brakes or the high performance hydraulic Patriot vented disc brakes this system has all the stopping power needed for your next heavy trailer build.

Strike! Trailer Brakes