Tandem Trailer Kit 3500kg Hygo Vented Disc - Unihub

Item code: TK3500TBH

$6,625.00 ea excl. GST

When planning a 3.5T trailer build it is important to have reliable trailer components you can trust. This trailer kit is set up with Trailparts™ latest hub innovation, Unihub with dual axle Patriot Vented Disc Brakes. The Unhub's feature unitised bearings with a sealed for life design that doesn't require any maintenance. These bearings bear radial/axial loads from all directions reducing twisting. Tow in confidence with an improved, shorter, thicker stub design and increase peak load safety margins.

NZ Trailer Brake Regulations requires trailers up to 3500kg to be fitted with direct (cab-controlled) service brakes, a breakaway brake system and an independent parking brake on at least one axle. The Hygo mkII Hydraulic Over-ride Brake system is a plug-and-play setup that’s fast and easy to fit. No in-cab wiring required, just hitch the coupling onto your tow vehicle, attach the break away cable and you are ready to tow!

This kit is best suited for service trailers, light machine transport, heavy workload trailers.

Pre-Assembled Axles Included - 36 month warranty

To meet the UN/ECE R13 standards, your axles will be professionally assembled to your custom length requirements and delivered with your complete trailer kit. Each Hygo mkII coupling is serial number referenced to the trailers axles. Custom axles with Unihub's come with a HUGE 36 month warranty!

One of our service team members will get in touch regarding your axle specifications.

For those after heavy 65mm axles. Trailparts™ can upgrade to 55mm stubs and larger U-Bolts for only $199. Simply added the 3500kg 65mm upgrade to your order and we will take care of the rest.

Part Code Description Quantity
Custom Axle Custom 50mm Axle (Pre-assembled with hub stub set) 2
C2000-15A HYGO Coupling - Autofit, Autoback 1
B3322Hygo II Brake Assembly Parts Kit - Disc1
JT8BGJockey wheel 8" Galv wheel, 280 kg1
S3348Tandem Spring set, eye/slipper rocker 8 Leaf1
BBKT35351515Brake Hose Kit, 3500mm x2, 1500mm x2, + fittings
1 set
E7105P-clips 8mm, Steel & Rubber6
HU4422HUnihub 235mm Vented Disc HSS 1800kg - 5 x 4 1/2" x 1/2"
B3605Forward Pull Handbrake suits Patriot
X3754Rim/tyre 195 R14C 5 x 4 1/2" galvanised4
L1200MKLED lamp kit, submersible incl number plate light1
L4634ALED amber marker
M2550WOF holder1
E43007 pin flat PLUG, Quickfit, B41
E43307 pin flat plug HOLDER1