Trailer Kit 1800kg Single Disc Braked - Unihub

Item code: TK1800SBU

$2,430.00 set excl. GST

When planning a trailer build it is important to have reliable trailer components you can trust. This Kit has all you need to fit out a 1800kg Single Axle Trailer with front and rear tailgate and single disc Braked Axle. "We do the business" so you can get on with building your dream trailer.

From the zinc plated over-ride coupling with super low profile Master Cylinder, Folding Back Frame Handle and unique quick release Flipper Spring, which will ensure you never have burnt out brakes again.

NZ Trailer Brake Regulations for trailers up to 2000kg do not legally require brakes. The vehicle/trailer combination must be capable of stopping within 7 m from 30 km/h without damage to the structure of the tow vehicle or the trailer. This kit includes one 225mm Rotor Cast Iron Strike! Disc braked axle and a rated safety chain.

This kit is best suited for general purpose 1800kg garden trailers.

Pre-Assembled Axles Upgrade

Take advantage of Trailparts™ 18 month warranty, saving your time and the complications that can be involved aligning and welding your stubs to the axle. Have your Custom Axles delivered straight to you, ready to be bolt to your trailer. Simply add a note to your order and one of the Trailparts™ service team will get in touch about your axle upgrade.

Part Code Description Quantity
C2750F Hydraulic over-ride 2500kg, 3/4", folding handle 1
E43007 pin flat PLUG, Quickfit, B41
E43307 pin flat plug HOLDER, plastic1
Z6771SSSafety Chain Kit - 9 link chain1
JZ6BJockey wheel 6" plastic wheel, 150 kg, Bolt on1
BBK4025Hydraulic Brake Hose 4000/2500mm including fittings
G2058Mudguards - 235 x 740 mm, folded bare, economy
S3238Spring set - eye/slipper, 8 Leaf, 1750kg1
HU4402EUnihub 1800kg 225mm Disc HSS Strike! Cast 5 x 4 1/2"1
X3753Rim/tyre 185 R14C 5 x 4 1/2" galvanized2
L2000MKLED tail lamp kit, 120x125mm, 10-30v1
E5C0510LED tail lamp kit, 120x125mm, 10-30v1
Z6700Tailgate latch assembly - swing out2

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