Our new hydraulic STRIKE! calipers are a quantum leap forward. They take features from our highly successful Patriot calipers, and even use some of the same parts. You’ll strike a blow to your competitors for these reasons when you introduce STRIKE! calipers to your trailers.

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Compact design gives a more useable trailer deck

New STRIKE! calipers offer a low profile fit compared to other alternatives on the market. They fit deeper inside the wheel, protrude less, and increase usable space on the inside deck area of trailers.

The image below shows our current Patriot model calipers on the left, and compared to the new STRIKE! Caliper with our Super Slim rotor design on the right; both are in the same standard 14” galvanized trailer rim. In this configuration, STRIKE! calipers allow an extra 64mm of chassis clearance, and on standard rotors, 40mm extra.

Patriot model Calipers

New STRIKE! Calipers

Optimised design gives a longer life and better performance

New STRIKE! calipers follow vehicle caliper designs that self align to the brake rotor, and won’t wear brake pads unevenly the same as competitor’s models do. The frame also features a tie-bar from one side of the caliper to the other, meaning they transfer load under braking evenly to each sliding pin. And the pistons and slides are 304 grade stainless steel in all models too.

Easy servicing means less downtime

A feature that your customers will appreciate down the track is the ease of servicing – simply undo one slide pin, and the caliper flips up 100 degrees, letting the pads easily slide out for fast replacement.

STRIKE! for all applications and compatibility

As with all Trailparts components, STRIKE! calipers are suitable for general trailers and also come in a stainless steel version for ultimate corrosion resistance on marine trailers. They are also compatible with all standard and existing Trailparts components, so there’s no need to change anything else when you switch.