STRIKE! - Cast iron, dacromet hydraulic calipers

Item code: B3700

$530.39 pr excl. GST

Trailparts™ Strike! cast hydraulic calipers are designed as a cost effective braking solution, and are
suited for use on trailers that are typically run with lighter loads up to 2500kg. Heavier trailers we reccomend the use of Patriot high performance vented brakes. STRIKE! calipers offer a low profile fit compared to other alternatives on the market. They fit deeper inside the wheel, protrude less, and increase usable space on the inside deck area of trailers

Other features of these brakes are;

  • Zinc electroplated coating for lite corrosion resistance
  • Stainless 54mm (38mm deep) piston and guide pins
  • Tie-bar for added strength and even brake loads
  • Calipers open for easy servicing / pad replacement
  • Super Slim design for extra chassis clearance
  • Fits 225mm diameter 11mm thick rotors
  • Stainless Steel version available for ultimate corrosion protection B3700SS

Brake Pads (1 pair)
Guide pin/bush kit
Seal & piston boot kit
Bleed Screw