Trailparts new fast-to-fit banjo brakeline hose kits don’t require any expertise or fancy tools to fit, and are stainless steel throughout so suitable for every job. They are designed to be a plug and play system, and really are the business, letting you – and your high paid staff – get on with running yours.

Why use banjo braided brakelines?

We carry a broad range of banjo-banjo ended hoses in stock, from 1m to 8m and in 0.5m increments. Order turnaround is fast with these standard parts.

The double and single banjo bolts we use make the setup quick, easy and universal to all hydraulic custom trailer builds. Click the link below to see just how simple it is to install.

Fixings made easy

Banjo brake hoses have been design to simplify the routing and fixing process. Our strong braided lines can be run along the chassis internally using the 5-4mm Grommets for weather sealing, or externally using P-clips.

The rest will just bolt together using just a 14mm spanner.

Hoses Part Number Hoses Part Number
1m hose BBB1000 4m hose BBB4000
1.5m hose BBB1500 4.5m hose BBB4500
1.75m hose BBB1750 5m hose BBB5000
2m hose BBB2000 5.5m hose BBB5500
2.5m hose BBB2500 6m hose BBB6000
3m hose BBB3000 7m hose BBB7000
3.5m hose BBB3500 8m hose BBB8000
Accessories Part Number Accessories Part Number
Single Banjo bolt 3/8” B3183 P-clip with bolt E7105
Double Banjo bolt 3/8” B3183D Grommet 4-5mm Z6797
Copper washer B3197