Forklift Safety & Warning Lights

As technology increases we see man power replaced by more efficient machinery and technology. Forklifts increased workplace efficiency and industrial productivity. The increased use of forklifts in the workplace has given rise to new risks and potential problems such as blind spots when reversing, operating in narrow aisles and blind corners. These work place conditions can lead to serious accidents that can outweigh the benefits of forklifts without taking the correct safety precautions.

Use of Forklift Lights

The general safety 'rule of thumb' is to keep pedestrians and moving forklifts within the workplace separate. This is quite a challenge in some work environments, especially in tight areas where the forklift visibility is seriously compromised. Forklift safety lights, come in handy as they warn pedestrians of an approaching forklift. Take the initiative by installing the best warning lights in the market and minimize any likelihood of pedestrians coming within the danger zone around a moving forklift.

Types of Forklift Lights

We have a selection of warning lights for forklifts, each with different functionalities and purposes. Flashing beacons are good to alert of a forklift in operation when the forklift itself is visible but many accidents happen reversing and around aisle corners. Our Laser & LED forklift lighting systems project an intense light on the floor as a bright spot or line to warn pedestrians unable to see the forklift itself. These forklift lights can be mounted on the rear of the forklift or positioned all around to give pedestrians a clear warning of both the machines position and movement. There are a few options depending on what best suits your forklift and work environment but they all serve the same purpose of improving overall safety to everyone within the area of operation.