Braking Even with Trailparts: What Applications Suit Electric Drum Brakes?

Trailparts are your partners in trailer part manufacturing and supply, providing top-notch solutions for the needs of fleet managers, engineers, and specifiers. Electric drum brakes are a trusted and reliable choice for trailer braking systems. In this article we highlight the key advantages and applications of electric drum brakes. These electric drum brakes play an important role in ensuring the safety and control of your trailers, making them a go-to option for a range of applications.

The Basics of Electric Drum Brakes

The core benefit of electric drum brakes is how the system can be configured to deliver the braking required for the cargo, trailer weight, and conditions. Some systems are even able to detect the driver’s braking inputs and adjust trailer braking outputs automatically.

They are simple in their concept. An electromagnet receives the variable brake signal from the towing vehicle, and clamps against the rotating drum surface, which in turn forces the brake shoes progressively more forcefully against the friction surface.  This delivers controlled and gradual braking, enhancing safety and stability. Read more on the basics of electric drum brakes here.

Electric brakes are available in two size variations: 10" and 12" diameter. The greater the diameter, the more braking force is delivered. The 12" brakes have a 6-stud configuration and are typically used on bigger trailers, while the 10" brakes sport a 5-stud configuration and will be used on smaller to mid-sized trailers.

Applications of Electric Drum Brakes

Horse Floats:

Horse enthusiasts understand the importance of safe transportation for their delicate cargo. Electric drum brakes offer a gentle and controlled braking experience, reducing the risk of sudden jolts that might distress the horses during towing.

Vehicle Transporters:

When transporting vehicles or any cargo, a reliable braking system is essential. Electric drum brakes provide consistent braking output, ensuring safer towing. Their gradual braking action prevents loads from shifting abruptly during braking, reducing the risk of damage when towing heavy loads like vehicles.

Caravans and Toy Haulers:

In New Zealand and Australia, electric drum brakes are the preferred choice for caravanners and weekend warriors towing toy haulers. They are renowned for their reliability and durability, making them a go-to option for both rough Australian outback terrain and across New Zealand from motorways to beaches.

Utility Trailers:

Utility trailers, often used for machinery like woodchippers and lighting towers, benefit from the low profile of electric drum brakes. This design allows them to be tucked safely into the rim, out of harm’s way.

Racing/Rally Car Trailers:

Race car trailers benefit from the low profile and minimal offset of electric drum brakes, providing users with the maximum floor area inside their trailers. By being tucked into the rim, users can make the most of their trailer’s space.

Advantages of Electric Drum Brakes

Smooth Braking:

Electric drum brakes provide gradual and smooth braking, reducing the risk of sudden stops and jerky movements. This feature is especially crucial when towing delicate cargo or livestock.


Electric drum brakes are known for their durability and consistent performance over time. This reliability is of utmost importance for long journeys or when towing heavy loads.


The controlled braking action of electric drum brakes reduces the risk of skidding and jack-knifing, enhancing overall safety on the road.

Electric drum brakes from Trailparts have proven their worth in various applications, especially when smooth braking, reliability, and safety is paramount. From horse floats to utility trailers and everything in between, these brakes offer practical and efficient solutions for a wide range of trailer applications. Shop the range here and experience the Trailparts’ difference for yourself.

When paired with a Trailparts’ brake control system, like the Credo Electric Brake Control Systems, users can experience the benefits of smooth, gradual braking and consistent performance. Trust in Trailparts for your electric drum brakes, no matter the application, and ensure the safety and control of your trailers.