Trailer Brakes & Parts Online NZ

An Introduction to Trailparts™ Brakes & Parts

Trailparts™ supply premium quality trailer brakes designed and engineered locally in New Zealand. From small 2000kg trailers to massive 5000kg trailers, we've got you covered with a wide range of hydraulic and electric brake options to chose from;

  • Patriot high performance calipers on vented rotors
  • Strike! ultra compact (available in full Stainless)
  • Electric Drum trailer brakes 
  • Hydraulic Drum trailer brakes
  • Quick fit hydraulic hose system

New Zealand trailer builders most trusted trailer component supplier.

Quick & Easy, Trailparts™ Banjo-Banjo

braided hydraulic hose

Trailparts new fast-to-fit banjo trailer brake line hose kits don’t require any expertise or fancy tools to fit, and are stainless steel throughout so suitable for every job. They are designed to be a plug and play system, and really are the business, letting you – and your high paid staff – get on with running yours.

We carry a broad range of banjo-banjo ended hoses in stock, from 1m to 8m and in 0.5m increments. Order turnaround is fast with these standard parts. The double and single banjo bolts we use make the setup quick, easy and universal to all hydraulic custom trailer builds. Click the link below to see just how simple it is to install.

Drum Brake Back Plates

Drum trailer brakes are an effective and economical way to brake any domestic-type trailer.

Trailparts™ electric drums are particularly suited to trailers up to 3500kg that carry varying loads or run empty often. This is because the controllers that run them are adjustable to suit whatever load is being carried, delivering the optimum braking performance.

Trailparts™ hydraulic drum brakes have smooth, damped braking action means they are particularly suited to horse floats or trailers that carry livestock or other fragile loads.

Drum Brake Backplates

Patriot High Performance Calipers

The Trailparts™ Patriot trailer brakes define what a trailer brake should be. They include significant advantages in every desirable area - brake pad size; piston area; rigidity; the ventilated rotor; easy servicing features; market compatibility – delivering the total trailer brake package without compromising crucial space constraints and fit tolerances.

Patriot Handbrake upgrade available.

Patriot Vented Disc Brakes

Strike! Series Calipers

Trailparts™ STRIKE! hydraulic calipers are a quantum leap forward. They take features from our highly successful Patriot calipers, and even use some of the same parts. Strike! calipers offer a low profile fit compared to other alternatives on the market. They fit deeper inside the wheel, protrude less, and increase usable space on the inside deck area of trailers.

These calipers are suitable for general trailers and also come in a FULL Stainless Steel version for ultimate corrosion resistance on marine trailers.

Strike! Handbrake option available.

Strike! Trailer Brakes

Handbrake Kits, Cables & Parts

With trailer handbrake options for the full Trailparts™ brake range; Patriot calipers; Strike! calipers; Electric & Hydraulic Drums; and our Hygo mkII braking system. We have all your trailer handbrake installation needs covered from cables to adjuster pulleys.

Trailer Handbrake kits & Parts

Brake Rotors

Trailparts™ brake rotors are high quality cast iron with dacromat finishes. Non-vented 225mm rotors are also available in FULL Stainless Steel to pair with Strike! Stainless Caliper on marine trailers fur ultimate corrosion resistance.

Trailer brake rotor