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An Introduction to Trailparts™ Couplings

Developed in house using CAD, the Trailparts lever & Autofit couplings put a modern look and functional improvements on a concept that has largely remained unchanged for 30 years. They're not just a better looking coupling though – one of the key design criteria was to improve the safety of the couplings in the event that the user forgot to engage the locking pin.

  • Designed In-house
  • Autofit options available
  • Low profile Master Cylinders
  • Folding back-frame handles
  • Quick Release flipper springs
  • Autoback valves

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trailer coupling

Trailparts™ Autofit Coupling

Autofit couplings by Trailparts™ have been designed to provide end users with easiest and safest customer experience possible. To achieve this, Trailparts™ Autofit couplings are:

  • Corrosive resistant Dacromet coated for long life.
  • Fitted with stainless steel moving parts to prevent wear and rusting.
  • 2500kg or 3500kg load rated.
  • Safe, simple and easy to use.
autofit handle

Horizontal Handle

Trailparts horizontal handle is low profile reducing possibility of tailgate damage. It also adds comfort and grip when lifting the coupling.

Autofit self adjust

Self Adjusting

Self adjusts to fit both towball sizes available in NZ (50mm and 1 7/8")- no operator input required.

Autofit locking

Self Locking

Will always positively lock itself into the correct towball setting required - automatically.

Non-Braked Trailer Couplings

A wide range of 2000kg non-braked couplings are available, cast lever couplings, steel agricultural couplings in both 50mm and 1 7/8" sizes.

Non-Braked Hub/Stub Sets

Hydraulic Over-ride Braked Couplings

Trailparts™ Hydraulic Couplings are available in Autofit™ (See above) or single sized Braked Couplings in both 50mm and 1 7/8". When paired with Trailparts™ Premium Backframe folding handle and Master Cylinder this couplings overall height is lowered significantly, reducing the possibility of expensive tailgate repairs and trailer damage.

Disc Braked Hub/Stub Sets

Trailparts Master Cylinder

The Trailparts™ master cylinder was designed with 3 key criteria - To lower the height; to enable incorporating a revised Autoback reversing solenoid at lower cost; and to use commonly available parts. The low height theme continues with the design of the output to the brakes, being designed to be used with low profile and strong banjo hoses and fittings to reduce the risk of brakeline damage. These master cylinders are now supplied as on all Trailparts™ and Autofit™ braked couplings.

Drum Braked Hub/Stub Sets

Autoback Reversing Lockout

The Autoback reversing system makes it easy, quick, and safe when reversing loaded trailers that are fitted with hydraulic over ride brakes. This latest development makes Autoback an affordable option on all trailers, and also easily retrofit-table to existing braked trailers. Trailparts™ were the first to offer a reversing lock out brake system in New Zealand. Now compact and inexpensive, Autoback should be on the spec sheet of every new braked trailer!

Drum Braked Hub/Stub Sets

Handbrake Lever + Folding Handle

This lever follows demands from customers for a handbrake lever with a fold down handle. This is achieved with a simple slotted handle mount which engages on a key-way, making it intuitive and easy to use. These are manufactured from high strength 1045 steel, and are a significant step forward from other offerings available.

Drum Braked Hub/Stub Sets

Quick-Release Flipper Spring

We’ve come up with this ingenious hack to ensure you never get burnt out brakes again. If the park brake is left engaged, the flipper spring will ensure it is released at the first brake actuation – usually as the trailer leaves the yard just a few meters away. The Flipper Spring is a feature on all Trailparts Premium Backframes.

Drum Braked Hub/Stub Sets

Heavy Duty Electric Coupling

These couplings are rated to 3500kg, and are referred to as electric couplings because they don’t directly operate trailer brakes on their own. They are often used with trailer brakes however; both with actuator driven hydraulic brakes, and with controller driven electric brakes.

Drum Braked Hub/Stub Sets