225mm Disc Unihub 1800kg HSS Strike! Stainless 5 x 4 1/2"

Item code: HU4412H

$1,997.34 ea excl. GST

Trailparts™ hub design with external seals and unitary back-to-back duplex bearings with integrated seals. The shorter and thicker shafts with an engineering-led approach means safety margins with Unihub are massively increased. Trailparts™ 225mm Strike! Stainless Steel hydraulic brake sets are designed as a cost effective braking solution, and are suited for use on marine trailers that are typically run with lighter loads up to 2500kg. For Heavier marine trailers it is recommended to have two axles braked.

Other features of these brakes are;

  • Dacromet coating on rotors & hubs for corrosion resistance
  • Strike! Stainless Steel calipers, with stainless 54mm (38mm deep) piston and guide pins
  • 225mm diameter 11mm thick rotors
  • Marine grade Triple lip waterproof seals
  • Sealed back-to-back duplex bearing with integrated seals
  • Threaded dust cap with O-ring seal
  • 39mm Stub end

Axle Requirements

To ensure Unihub is used correctly, all hub stub sets must be configured on a pre-assembled axle with a 36 month warranty. You can still order this kit online and our customer service team will get in touch regarding your axle specifications. Alternatively you can use our online Axle Builder to request a quote for your complete Unihub axle.

Stud Pattern 5 x 4½"
Stud/Nut Size ½"
Rating 1800kg
Calipers (pr) B3700SS (Strike!)
Hub kit only (pr) HU4302H (Unihub)
Rotor only (ea) H4211
Stud Part number H4982
Nut Part number H4996 (10 supplied in kit)
Stub Part number AU912E


Strike! Stainless Calipers image

Strike! Stainless Calipers

New STRIKE! Stainless calipers offer a low profile fit compared to other alternatives on the market. They fit deeper inside the wheel, protrude less, and increase usable space on the inside deck area of trailers. With full stainless components and body these calipers is perfect for marine trailers. See more

Unihub image


Unihub's entire wheel end (wheel, hub, stub axle and bearing) is optimized to ensure that axial and radial loads are always carried exactly where you want it to be - directly through the bearing centre, on the meaty part of the stub axle). These hubs feature long life, sealed unitary bearing and our new threaded, O-ring sealed dust cap. See more