disc hub install

Trailparts™ Disc Hub Kits are renowned for their reliability. Comprised of only the best quality components such as Dacromet coated hubs and high quality taper bearings, this ensures our customers have complete peace of mind. Parts are readily available throughout the country from automotive spares re-sellers.


Disc Brake Installation Guide

Tool Kit

  • Hammer / Mallet
  • Seal Driver*
  • Adjustable Wrench
  • Pliers
  • Workshop Gloves or Bearing Packer

*If you do not have a seal driver, a flat off-cut of wood will work fine.


Hub Installation

Also see Unihub Installation guide
If your Rotor is not attached to the hub, bolts need to be 40 ft/lb.


Fit inner bearing to hub:

  • Grease up the inside of the hub. Pack a layer of grease around the bearing cup our first bearing will rest against.
  • Pack bearings with grease. If you do not have a bearing packer, use workshop gloves. Start by putting a bit of grease in the palm of your hand. Take the bearing and roll it in your palm to get the grease packed inside the open edge found on the front and back.
    * If you have done this right you should see grease push out from inside the bearings.
  • The bearing is tapered small side in, large side out. Insert the larger bearing with the small side facing in toward the greased hub.


Fit marine seal:

  • Slide Retaining Washer follwed by Seal onto the axle stub.
  • Sit the Marine Seal Cup on the back of the hub with the flat side facing the bearing. If you do not have a seal driver, use a flat piece of timber. Slowly drive the seal cup flush with the hub using small taps with a hammer. Be sure to keep seal flat.
  • Grease the Rubber Seal and slide onto the axle stub. Be sure the fins are facing away from the Seal Retaining Washer.


Fit hub to axle:

  • Grease up the axle stub using your finger then slide on the hub with the seal cup facing toward the chassis.


Outer bearing:

  • Following the same process as the first bearing we will grease up the smaller bearing to be inserted over the tread with the smaller edge facing in toward the hub.
  • This can now be capped with the washer.


Washer, Castle nut and pin:

  • Twist on castle nut using your adjustable wrench until firm and give the hub a full turn to ensure bearing placement. Back off the nut then tighten again by hand. Use the wrench again to tighten he nut untill firm, align the predrilled hole on the axle stub and Castle nut.
  • Push the split pin through the hole as seen to the right.
  • Bend the ends of the pin over using pliers.


Dust cap:

  • Put a dollop (roughly 1 teaspoon) of grease inside the dust cap.
  • Use a flat piece of timber to tap on the dust cap. Keep the dust cap straight

Caliper Installation


Remove packer:

  • Remove the packer holding the pads into the caliper.


Install caliper:

  • Slide caliper over disc and line up the holes with the mounting bracket as seen on the right.
  • Fit the two bolts to the bracket and tighten them to 90 ft/lb.

See your Brake Line Installation Guide for further instructions.